Get Involved in Student Activities

Whether you participated in a student organization previously or the whole leadership thing is new to you, Student Activities has a place for all students. There are several ways for students to get involved in Student Activities.

Are you someone who enjoys planning and attending events or creative endeavors like marketing?

theCrew or theEnd may be the place for you!

theCrew and theEnd are event-planning organizations sponsored by TCU Student Activities and funded by SGA. theCrew plans fun and innovative events that bring the campus to life during the week. theEnd hosts live performances, such as concerts and comedians, and other events to help students create long-lasting memories during the weekend. Both organizations also have opportunities for students interested in leadership, management, graphic design, marketing, and photography.


Get Involved in theCrew or theEnd

Are you someone passionate about photography, writing, or graphic design?

The Horned Frog Yearbook may be the place for you!

Since 1897, the student-run Horned Frog Yearbook has serve as the official record of TCU’s history. The 500 full-color book features content produced entirely by students. Whether you are a journalism, graphic design, or photography major looking to hone your craft and build your portfolio, or you just want to learn, the Yearbook has opportunities to fit everyone’s interest and skill level.


Get Involved in Yearbook

Are you a new student looking to make friends, plan events, and learn more about your personal leadership style?

Student Government Frog Aides may be the place for you!

Frog Aides is TCU’s premier leadership program offered by SGA exclusively for first-year students. This cohort-based program is designed to help first-time college students successfully transition from high school to college leaders. Frog Aides’ main goals are to introduce first-year students to leadership roles inside and outside SGA; teach students how to fully plan and implement projects and events on campus; help students learn more about themselves as leaders; and facilitate the building friendships and connections that will last a student’s whole TCU career. For more information or to apply to be in Frog Aides, use the link below.


Get Involved in Frog Aides

Are you someone who enjoys advocacy, public speaking, and problem solving?

The Student Government House of Reps may be the place for you!

The House of Student Representatives is the elected voice of the student body. House’s main goal is to improve the lives of TCU students by fulfilling SGA’s purpose of funding, advocating, and uniting. There are two primary involvement opportunities in House:

1. Apply to Fill a Vacant Seat
Throughout the year, the Elections and Regulations committee works to fill vacant seats in the House of Representatives through an application and interview process. Check back in the Fall 2021 semester to apply to fill a vacant seat!

2. Serve on a Committee or Board
All students are welcome to join one of our House Representatives committees or boards. All committees are open to the student body, and the boards accept limited members that are not voting members of the House. Click here to learn about our committees and boards.


Get Involved in House