The Office of Student Organizations supports over 310 registered student organizations at TCU. Get 24/7 help with some of our most frequently asked questions using the chart below. Still have questions or aren’t sure where to start? Connect with us using our contact form. Our team is here to make sure you find your fit on campus and that your organization has the resources it needs to thrive!

Events hosted by Student Organizations and University departments AND where at least half of the anticipated audience is TCU students, faculty, or staff generally (although some exceptions may apply) may reserve rooms at no charge. The procedure you use to reserve an on-campus space depends which building/space you want to use. For more information, please click on the building/space name below to proceed.

If more than fifty percent of an event’s attendees are non-TCU affiliates, groups must make a reservation through TCU Conference Services at 817-257-7641. Facilities rental fees may apply.

There are many sources of funding available for registered student organizations on campus. The primary opportunities include:



The SGA Finance Board provides funding opportunities each semester for registered student organizations. For more information and to apply, please click HERE.


TheCrew and Student Activities love working with student organizations to help realize their event goals. To begin, please complete the Collaboration Request Form. Once that form is received, a member of the team will reach out to discuss your application and next steps.

FrogFunding is TCU’s crowd funding platform. FrogFunding is designed to connect projects that support the University’s strategic plan, “Vision in Action: Lead On” with donors who wish to advance the work of TCU. Students, staff, and faculty of TCU are all welcome to submit project proposals. Before you can create and launch your project on the FrogFunding platform, you and receive approval from TCU’s division of University Advancement. To apply to launch a project on FrogFunding, click HERE.

While student organizations operate at TCU, from a financial perspective they are separate entities. Given this, it is up to each student organization to choose how they would like to manage their finances. The two most common ways student organizations maintain their finances are:

Off Campus Bank Account 

Each student organization can choose where they want to set up an off-campus bank account (at a bank of their choice.) We usually recommend that investigate the bank’s policies. For example: Does your organization need to maintain a minimum account balance? If your organization does not maintain the minimum balance will you incur a charge? How easy is it to change officers’ names on the bank account from year to year? Etc.)

When establishing an off-campus bank account, you cannot utilize TCU’s EIN from a tax purposes standpoint. The bank should walk you through the process of creating an EIN or if you are tied to a national or local organization, you may be able to use their EIN.

Departmental Budget Line  

Another option for maintaining your finances is to work with your advisor to set up a budget line through the advisor’s on-campus department specifically for organization use. This is typically an option if you are tied to an academic department.

When working with you advisor on this option, please contact Student Activities and Student Organizations if you are wanting to create a departmental organization and/or budget line.

There are four primary ways to promote your event or organization on campus:

  1. What2DoTCU is a visual calendar that is both a website and an email sent out to TCU students weekly. Submit your events online using this form.
  2. Tabling – Promote your event or organization while students are walking to class or hanging out in common spaces.
  3. Social Media – Utilize your organization or member’s social media channels to promote your group or event. Or, share it with Student Affairs Marketing. Don’t forget to include the time, date, and location of your event!
  4. Signage and Posters – If your organization has funding, you can purchase signage or posters to place across campus. Make sure to follow the appropriate posting policies for each building. And don’t forget to pick up your signs after the event is over.

If you still have additional questions, please contact us using the contact form linked below: