The New Student Organizations Committee will meet once per semester to review applications and recommend new organizations for approval to TCU Leadership & Student Involvement. The decision to approve organizations is vested in the Director of Student Activities.


Once the completed form is received, the Student Organizations staff will reach out to the prospective organization to schedule a brief meeting.  At this meeting, the prospective organization will be provided an overview of the application process, the Constitution Template, the New Student Organization Application, and will get answers to any questions they may have.

New Org Interest Form

Locate 10 currently enrolled students who are in good standing with the Dean’s Office that would commit to being members if your organization is approved.

An advisor can be a faculty or staff member – it just cannot be someone who is related to you. Be sure that the advisor has an understanding of your mission, goals, and activities as an organization and has time to dedicate to your organization.

When writing, make sure your constitution reflects the mission of your organization and your leadership structure. Please use the provided TCU Student Organization Constitution Template. Before submitting their constitution, prospective organizations are expected to review their constitution with their proposed advisor(s).

Submit the New Student Organization Application form on Engage, along with uploading your organization’s constitution and a short video about your proposed organization (prompt will be provided to you). New organization applications are accepted early in the fall semester and early in the spring semester. Applications are not accepted during the summer. You will receive the link to apply after you complete your New Organization Interest Form and have your initial meeting. Before submitting their their application, prospective organizations are expected to review their application with their proposed advisor(s).

After submitting your application, a member of the Student Organizations staff will review your constitution to ensure it meets the requirements laid out on the Constitution template.  If it does not, you may be asked to meet with them in-person to make edits to the Constitution before your organization’s application can be considered by the New Student Organizations Committee.  Groups that do not make the required edits by the deadline laid out by the Student Organizations staff cannot be considered for approval until the next approval period.

The New Student Organizations Committee will convene to review your constitution and application. The committee will review applicants based on criteria at the bottom of this document.  If the Committee has any questions, TCU Student Organizations will reach out to the student whose name is listed as the contact person on the application for clarification.  Once the committee has reviewed all applications, the committee will send their recommendations for approval to the Director of Student Activities who will then make the final decision for approval.

<strong>Each organization will be evaluated against four specific areas:</strong>
<li>Benefit to the University and students:  Does this organization present an opportunity for TCU students to learn, grow, or develop outside the classroom? Would this organization provide recognition to the University or help recruit students or faculty to the University?</li>
<li>Goals and outcomes:  Is this organization’s purpose, activities, or presence congruent or in conflict with any existing TCU policies?  Will this organization’s intended goals and outcomes further the TCU student experience and mission statement? What are the goals and outcomes that make your organization unique from other organizations already on our campus?</li>
<li>Vision and longevity:  Will this organization find the membership and leadership that will sustain the group beyond the founding members?  Does the group of founding members have a clear vision for both the present and the future?</li>
<li>Potential Risk:  What potential risk, if any, does this organization pose to TCU as a university or to our students? Risk areas the committee considers includes, but are not limited to, physical, financial, and reputational.<em>
<strong>Recognition or Denial of Approval</strong>

Potential new organizations will be notified via email with a final decision on organizational status within 25 days following the closure of applications.

If an organization’s application is denied, the organization may request an appeal.  The organization has five business days from the date on the denial email to submit an appeals form.

<strong>To Appeal</strong>
<li>Complete the appeals form (a link to the form was provided in your application denial).</li>
<li>A member of Leadership &amp; Student Involvement will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.</li>
<li>You will be asked to meet with the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for Leadership &amp; Student Involvement to discuss your original application and why you think your organization should be approved.</li>
<li>The Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for Leadership &amp; Student Involvement will consider your request, as well as review your application and Constitution. They will also meet with members of Leadership &amp; Student Involvement regarding why the original application was denied.</li>
<li>The Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for Leadership &amp; Student Involvement will make a decision on your appeal and will notify you of the decision in writing within five business days of your meeting.</li>
<strong> </strong>

If granted approval, the president and advisor must both attend mandatory New Organization Orientation within the prescribed time window.

Important Reminders:

  • All student organizations must be approved by TCU Student Organizations for University recognition.
  • Students are able to host an informational session to gauge interest for your organization before it is approved. This meeting must be approved through TCU Student Organizations.
  • First- semester first-year students, first- semester transfer students, and graduating seniors in their last semester are unable to start a new student organization. 

For answers to all of your student organization questions, we recommend that you check out the FAQs section of this site.  If you still have additional questions, please contact us using the contact form linked below: