Student organizations are an integral part of the TCU experience – and at the core of that experience are our faculty and staff advisors. Being an advisor is more than just signing paperwork.  It is about creating meaningful relationships with students outside the classroom. Find out more about advising student organizations at TCU using the links below.

Fill out the 2023-24 Advisor Form form by August 19th.

Advisor Form

  • Any faculty or staff member who is employed by TCU and in good standing can serve as an advisor. An individual may not serve as an advisor for more than two organizations.
  • Individuals currently enrolled in classes at TCU are unable to serve as student organization advisors unless they have been approved by TCU Student Organizations.
  • Off-campus partners are unable to serve as student organization advisors unless they have been vetted and approved by a campus department and TCU Student Organizations as a TCU affiliate.
  • Relatives cannot serve as an advisor to an organization in which their student holds an officer position.

Most organization advisors have some sort of tie to the organization. For example, a political science organization might seek out a political science professor as its advisor. However, as long as they are in good standing, any faculty/staff member may serve an advisor to any student organization, with the exception of a relative advising a relative.

TCU Student Organizations keeps a list of faculty/staff interested in serving as advisors.  If you are a faculty or staff member and you would be interested in serving should a vacancy and appropriate organization fit arise in the future, please fill out our Advisor Interest Form below.  If you are a student organization seeking a new advisor, please use the Contact Form to get in touch with our office about help finding a new advisor.

Advisor Interest Form

All advisors remain in place from year-to-year unless otherwise communicated to TCU Student Organizations. If an advisor no longer wishes to serve in that capacity, the advisor will supply the organization with written intent and notify TCU Student Organizations.

Both individual organizations and TCU Student Organizations reserve the right to remove an advisor should circumstances require such an action.  Grounds for removal of an advisor include, but may not be limited to:

  • Failure to be actively invested in organizational activities
  • Behavior that violates University policy and/or procedure
  • Direct knowledge of conduct incidents and failure to report such incidents
  • Placing students at unreasonable and/or unnecessary risk

Any questions regarding the removal of an advisor may be directed to TCU Student Organizations.


For answers to all of your student organization questions, we recommend that you check out the FAQs section of this site.  If you still have additional questions, please contact us using the contact form linked below: